Gold Price in Argentina

Last updated on March 22nd, 2023

Are you worried to know about the exact gold price in Argentina today in Argentine PESO (ARS), and looking for an authentic source? Well, you are in the right place. Check the gold rate in 24K, 22K, 20K, 18K, and 14K live and updated in Argentina. You can see here Gram, Ounce, and Tola Price.

Gold Price Per Gram in Argentina Today

Check the gold rate in Argentina per gram in the below table. You can also check the Argentine PESO to USD current price. These prices are updated daily to provide you with the most accurate results.

Showing GOLD Price of AR in Gram
Current Price 12,791 ARS
Today Low Price 12,781 ARS
Today High Price 12,829 ARS
Today 1 USD 205.0189 ARS
Today 1 ARS $0.00488 USD

GOLD Rate of AR in Gram
Gold Unit Gold Rate
Gram 24K 12,790 ARS
Gram 23K 12,257 ARS
Gram 22K 11,724 ARS
Gram 21K 11,191 ARS
Gram 18K 9,593 ARS
Gram 16K 8,527 ARS
Gram 14K 7,461 ARS
Gram 12K 6,395 ARS
Gram 10K 5,329 ARS
Gram 9K 4,796 ARS
Gram 8K 4,263 ARS
Gram 6K 3,198 ARS

Ounce Gold Rate Argentina

Per-ounce gold prices are shown in the below table. Moreover, you can also check the USD to Argentine PESO current price live and updated. You can also check today’s high and low prices of gold in the below table.

Showing GOLD Price of AR in Ounce
Current Price 397,856 ARS
Today Low Price 397,554 ARS
Today High Price 399,026 ARS
Today 1 USD 205.0189 ARS
Today 1 ARS $0.00488 USD

GOLD Rate of AR in Ounce
Gold Unit Gold Rate
Ounce 24K 397,825 ARS
Ounce 23K 381,249 ARS
Ounce 22K 364,673 ARS
Ounce 21K 348,097 ARS
Ounce 18K 298,369 ARS
Ounce 16K 265,217 ARS
Ounce 14K 232,064 ARS
Ounce 12K 198,912 ARS
Ounce 10K 165,760 ARS
Ounce 9K 149,184 ARS
Ounce 8K 132,608 ARS
Ounce 6K 99,456 ARS

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Gold Shops in Argentina

Check the list of famous gold dealers below:

Blue Gold Jewelry

Address: Rivadavia 6405, C1406 GLH, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Phone: +54 11 4633-7789

Gold Jewelry & Antiques Antiques

Address: Gral. Las Heras 1670, C1018AAN CABA, Argentina

Phone: +54 11 4814-1127

Gardner Buenos Aires

Address: Florida 670, Local 22 Microcentro, 1005 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Phone: +54 11 2577-4111

Joyería Pandora

Address: Shopping Paseo Alcorta, Jerónimo Salguero 3172, local L038, 1425 Buenos Aires, AR-B, Argentina

Phone: +54 11 5777-6568


Check the latest questions about gold in Argentina here:

Can I buy gold in Argentina?

Yes, you can buy gold bars and coins in Argentina as there are many famous shops available. You can check the list of shops above. some online dealers are also available here.

Is Argentina known for gold?

Argentina is rich in gold and also rich in other natural resources.

Does Argentina export gold?

Argentina exports a huge quantity of raw gold as it becomes the 45th largest exporter of gold in the world. In 2020 it exports $ 1.78 billion worth of gold.

How much does gold cost in Argentina?

You can check the latest gold price in Argentina here at You can check the Gram, Ounce, and Tola prices in the above tables.