Gold Price in Barbados

Last updated on March 22nd, 2023

The below tables show the gold price in Barbados Today in Barbadian Dollars (BBD). The gold rate in Barbados, today 24K, 22K, 20K, 18K, and 14K can be seen in Tola, Gram, and Ounce prices.

Barbados Gold Rate Per Gram

Check today per gram 24K, 22K, and 18K gold prices in the below table. You must check the prices before buying gold in Barbados or anywhere else. USD to BBD’s current price is also available in this table.

Showing GOLD Price of BB in Gram
Current Price 124.81 BBD
Today Low Price 124.68 BBD
Today High Price 125.15 BBD
Today 1 USD 2 BBD
Today 1 BBD $0.5 USD

GOLD Rate of BB in Gram
Gold Unit Gold Rate
Gram 24K 124.80 BBD
Gram 23K 119.60 BBD
Gram 22K 114.40 BBD
Gram 21K 109.20 BBD
Gram 18K 93.60 BBD
Gram 16K 83.20 BBD
Gram 14K 72.80 BBD
Gram 12K 62.40 BBD
Gram 10K 52.00 BBD
Gram 9K 46.80 BBD
Gram 8K 41.60 BBD
Gram 6K 31.20 BBD

Per Ounce Gold Rate Barbados

Gold rates in Venezuela live per ounce are shown here below. You can also check how much is 1$ worth in BBD. See the desired prices below and make your decision.

Showing GOLD Price of BB in Ounce
Current Price 3,882.2 BBD
Today Low Price 3,878.2 BBD
Today High Price 3,892.6 BBD
Today 1 USD 2 BBD
Today 1 BBD $0.5 USD

GOLD Rate of BB in Ounce
Gold Unit Gold Rate
Ounce 24K 3,881.9 BBD
Ounce 23K 3,720.2 BBD
Ounce 22K 3,558.4 BBD
Ounce 21K 3,396.7 BBD
Ounce 18K 2,911.4 BBD
Ounce 16K 2,587.9 BBD
Ounce 14K 2,264.5 BBD
Ounce 12K 1,941.0 BBD
Ounce 10K 1,617.5 BBD
Ounce 9K 1,455.7 BBD
Ounce 8K 1,294.0 BBD
Ounce 6K 970.5 BBD

Tola Gold Prices in (BBD)

Here in the below table gold rate today 24carats, 22carats, 20carats, 18carats, and 14carats prices are shown in tola. You can also check the BBD to USD current price in this table. In Addition, today’s high and low prices of gold in Barbados can also be seen here.

Showing GOLD Price of BB in Tola
Current Price 1,455.8 BBD
Today Low Price 1,454.3 BBD
Today High Price 1,459.7 BBD
Today 1 USD 2 BBD
Today 1 BBD $0.5 USD

GOLD Rate of BB in Tola
Gold Unit Gold Rate
Tola 24K 1,455.7 BBD
Tola 23K 1,395.1 BBD
Tola 22K 1,334.4 BBD
Tola 21K 1,273.8 BBD
Tola 18K 1,091.8 BBD
Tola 16K 970.5 BBD
Tola 14K 849.2 BBD
Tola 12K 727.9 BBD
Tola 10K 606.6 BBD
Tola 9K 545.9 BBD
Tola 8K 485.2 BBD
Tola 6K 363.9 BBD

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Is there gold in Barbados?

Yes, Barbados is in the 154th position if we talk about the export of gold. They exported $812k worth in 2020.

What is the price of gold in Barbados?

Check the desired gold prices in Gram, Ounce, and Tola prices. Just scroll up and see the prices.

Gold Shops in Barbados

Here is the list of some best shops where you can buy Gold in Barbados:

The Royal Shop Barbados

Address: #32 Royal Towers Broad Street Bridgetown, BB19000, Barbados

Phone: +1 246-429-7072

Little Switzerland

Address: Broad St. Colonnade Building, Bridgetown, Barbados

Phone: +1 246-431-0030


Address: 4th Ave Rockley New Rd, Bridgetown, Barbados

Phone: +1 246-231-4789

Diamonds International Barbados

Address: Lower Broad St, Bridgetown, Barbados

Phone: +1 246-430-2412