Gold Price in Belize

Last updated on March 22nd, 2023

The gold price Today in Belize in Belize Dollars (BZD) is updated daily here. You can check the gold rate in Belize, today 24K, 22K, 20K, 18K, and 14 Karats. These prices are available in Tola, Gram, and Ounces quantities.

Gold Rate in Belize Per Gram

Gold prices per gram of 24, 22, 20, 18, and 14karats are shown in the below table in Belize. In Addition, you can also check today’s high and low prices of gold here. BZD to USD spot price is also shown.

Showing GOLD Price of BZ in Gram
Current Price 125.01 BZD
Today Low Price 124.98 BZD
Today High Price 125.45 BZD
Today 1 USD 2.00488 BZD
Today 1 BZD $0.49878 USD

GOLD Rate of BZ in Gram
Gold Unit Gold Rate
Gram 24K 125.00 BZD
Gram 23K 119.79 BZD
Gram 22K 114.58 BZD
Gram 21K 109.38 BZD
Gram 18K 93.75 BZD
Gram 16K 83.33 BZD
Gram 14K 72.92 BZD
Gram 12K 62.50 BZD
Gram 10K 52.08 BZD
Gram 9K 46.88 BZD
Gram 8K 41.67 BZD
Gram 6K 31.25 BZD

Per Tola Gold Price BZD

Check the 24 Karat, 22 Karat, 18 Karat, and 14 Karat gold spot prices here in Tola quantities. You can also check Belize Dollar to US Dollar today exchange rate in this table. Also, Check USD to BZD current rate in the table.

Showing GOLD Price of BZ in Tola
Current Price 1,458.2 BZD
Today Low Price 1,457.7 BZD
Today High Price 1,463.3 BZD
Today 1 USD 2.00488 BZD
Today 1 BZD $0.49878 USD

GOLD Rate of BZ in Tola
Gold Unit Gold Rate
Tola 24K 1,458.0 BZD
Tola 23K 1,397.3 BZD
Tola 22K 1,336.5 BZD
Tola 21K 1,275.8 BZD
Tola 18K 1,093.5 BZD
Tola 16K 972.0 BZD
Tola 14K 850.5 BZD
Tola 12K 729.0 BZD
Tola 10K 607.5 BZD
Tola 9K 546.8 BZD
Tola 8K 486.0 BZD
Tola 6K 364.5 BZD

Belize Gold Rate Per Ounce

Gold rates in Belize in Belize Dollar live per ounce are shown here below. You can also check how much is 1$ worth in Belize here. See the desired prices of gold below.

Showing GOLD Price of BZ in Ounce
Current Price 3,888.4 BZD
Today Low Price 3,887.3 BZD
Today High Price 3,902.1 BZD
Today 1 USD 2.00488 BZD
Today 1 BZD $0.49878 USD

GOLD Rate of BZ in Ounce
Gold Unit Gold Rate
Ounce 24K 3,888.1 BZD
Ounce 23K 3,726.1 BZD
Ounce 22K 3,564.1 BZD
Ounce 21K 3,402.1 BZD
Ounce 18K 2,916.1 BZD
Ounce 16K 2,592.1 BZD
Ounce 14K 2,268.0 BZD
Ounce 12K 1,944.0 BZD
Ounce 10K 1,620.0 BZD
Ounce 9K 1,458.0 BZD
Ounce 8K 1,296.0 BZD
Ounce 6K 972.0 BZD

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How much is gold in Belize?

See the latest gold prices in Belize per Gram, Tola, and in Ounces. Just scroll up to check the desired price of gold.

Gold Shops in Belize

Here is a list of some of the best gold and other jewelry shops in Belize.

Medina’s House Of Jewelry Ltd

Address: FRV6+VWX, Orange St, Belize City, Belize

Phone: +501 227-4528

Nancy’s Jewelry Belize City

Address: 4 Cemetery Rd, Belize City, Belize

Phone: +501 608-5408

J.E.C. & Company Limited

Address: 4552 Youth For The Future Blvd, Belize City, Belize

Phone: +501 227-7296

Cast Away

Address: W2HR+VVH, San Pedro, Belize

Phone: +501 602-3798

D&G Fine Jewelry

Address: 2103, San Pedro, Belize

Phone: +501 226-2069