Gold Price in Cambodia

Last updated on March 22nd, 2023

Welcome to Here we provide you with the gold price in Cambodia in all the purities. These purities include 24k, 22k, 21k, 18k, 10k to 1k. You can check all the desired rates of gold here.

Gold Rate in Cambodia Today Per Gram

Per gram price of gold in Cambodia is shown in this table with all the purities of gold. In Addition USD to Cambodian Riel is also shown in this table.

Showing GOLD Price of KH in Gram
Current Price 252,898 KHR
Today Low Price 252,809 KHR
Today High Price 253,912 KHR
Today 1 USD 4057.830079 KHR
Today 1 KHR $0.00025 USD

GOLD Rate of KH in Gram
Gold Unit Gold Rate
Gram 24K 252,874 KHR
Gram 23K 242,338 KHR
Gram 22K 231,801 KHR
Gram 21K 221,265 KHR
Gram 18K 189,656 KHR
Gram 16K 168,583 KHR
Gram 14K 147,510 KHR
Gram 12K 126,437 KHR
Gram 10K 105,364 KHR
Gram 9K 94,828 KHR
Gram 8K 84,291 KHR
Gram 6K 63,219 KHR

Today Gold Price in Tola

Cambodia’s gold rate per tola is shown in all the purities of gold. Today the high and low price of gold is also shown. These prices changes in real-time and we are providing you with updated results of gold.

Showing GOLD Price of KH in Tola
Current Price 2,949,819 KHR
Today Low Price 2,948,785 KHR
Today High Price 2,961,643 KHR
Today 1 USD 4057.830079 KHR
Today 1 KHR $0.00025 USD

GOLD Rate of KH in Tola
Gold Unit Gold Rate
Tola 24K 2,949,545 KHR
Tola 23K 2,826,648 KHR
Tola 22K 2,703,750 KHR
Tola 21K 2,580,852 KHR
Tola 18K 2,212,159 KHR
Tola 16K 1,966,364 KHR
Tola 14K 1,720,568 KHR
Tola 12K 1,474,773 KHR
Tola 10K 1,228,977 KHR
Tola 9K 1,106,080 KHR
Tola 8K 983,182 KHR
Tola 6K 737,386 KHR

Per Ounce Gold Rate in Cambodia

See Cambodian gold price in Ounces. Must check the gold price before making an investment or buying jewellery.

Showing GOLD Price of KH in Ounce
Current Price 7,866,185 KHR
Today Low Price 7,863,425 KHR
Today High Price 7,897,714 KHR
Today 1 USD 4057.830079 KHR
Today 1 KHR $0.00025 USD

GOLD Rate of KH in Ounce
Gold Unit Gold Rate
Ounce 24K 7,865,454 KHR
Ounce 23K 7,537,727 KHR
Ounce 22K 7,210,000 KHR
Ounce 21K 6,882,273 KHR
Ounce 18K 5,899,091 KHR
Ounce 16K 5,243,636 KHR
Ounce 14K 4,588,182 KHR
Ounce 12K 3,932,727 KHR
Ounce 10K 3,277,273 KHR
Ounce 9K 2,949,545 KHR
Ounce 8K 2,621,818 KHR
Ounce 6K 1,966,364 KHR