Gold Price in Colombia

Last updated on April 25th, 2024

Live Gold price today in Colombia in Colombian Peso (COP) is shown here in Gram, Tola, and Ounce. These gold prices are available in 24K, 22K, 20K, 18K, and 14 Karats. You can also check how much is an oz of gold in Colombia here.

Gold Rate in Colombia Per Gram

Spot gold price in Colombia per gram is shown in the below table. You can also see today’s high and low prices of gold in Colombia in this table. In Addition, the COP to USD current price is also shown.

Showing GOLD Price of CO in Gram
Ounce 9,050,400.65
Gram 290,970.38
Kilo 290,976,716.07
Tola 3,393,900.24
Baht 4,280,386.99
Grain 18,854.97
Ratti 52,957.97

GOLD Rate of CO in Gram
The Price Right Now 290,970.32
Price on Yesterday 290,790.74
Price Change Today+179.60 (+0.1%)
Today's High Price 291,369.40
Today's Low Price 288,355.72
Today's Price Fluctuation 3,013.70
Market Volatility Status High

How much is an OZ of Gold in Colombia?

Check how much is gold per ounce in Colombia in the table below. You can also check how much is 1$ worth in Colombia here. See the desired prices and also Check US Dollar to Colombian PESO today rate here.

Showing GOLD Price of CO in Ounce
The Price Right Now 9,050,398.91
Price on Yesterday 9,044,813.12
Price Change Today+5,585.70 (+0.1%)
Today's High Price 9,062,811.69
Today's Low Price 8,969,073.76
Today's Price Fluctuation 93,737.90
Market Volatility Status High

GOLD Rate of CO in Ounce
24K 9,050,398.85
23K 8,673,298.89
22K 8,296,198.94
21K 7,919,098.99
18K 6,787,799.13
14K 5,279,399.33
10K 3,770,999.52
9K 3,393,899.57
8K 3,016,799.62
6K 2,262,599.71

Tola Gold Rate Colombia COP

Colombia gold spot prices per tola are shown here. Moreover, you can also check USD to COP’s today exchange rate in this table. Prices are available in 24K, 22K, 20K, 18K, and 14 Karat.

Showing GOLD Price of CO in Tola
The Price Right Now 3,393,899.59
Price on Yesterday 3,391,804.92
Price Change Today+2,094.60 (+0.1%)
Today's High Price 3,398,554.38
Today's Low Price 3,363,402.66
Today's Price Fluctuation 35,151.70
Market Volatility Status High

GOLD Rate of CO in Tola
24K 3,393,899.51
23K 3,252,487.03
22K 3,111,074.55
21K 2,969,662.07
18K 2,545,424.63
14K 1,979,774.71
10K 1,414,124.80
9K 1,272,712.32
8K 1,131,299.84
6K 848,474.88

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These are some of the most frequently asked questions about gold in Colombia.

Does Colombia have good gold?

Colombia is popular for its pure and best quality gold used in its gold jewelry. You can find purest quality gold at an economical price. So people prefer to buy gold here rather than in other countries.

Is it cheaper to buy gold in Colombia?

Yes! Colombia has top-quality gold at a low price as compared to other countries. Most people who visit Colombia always prefer to buy gold because of its popularity and on the other hand, it’s cheap too.

How much does gold cost in Colombia?

Colombia gold prices in OZ, Gram, and Tola are shown in the above tables along with the USD latest price. Just scroll up to check the desired prices.

Is Colombia known for its gold?

Well, we can say that it’s true as Colombia’s mining sector is very strong, it’s almost providing employment opportunities to 350,000 to 380,000 people. Pure gold is extracted and converted to Jewelry, Bars, and Coins.

Can I bring gold from Colombia to the USA?

According to the US. Custom and Border Protection Authority:

“Copies of gold coins are prohibited if not properly marked by the country of issuance. The importation of counterfeit coins is prohibited.

There is no duty on gold coins, medals, or bullion but these items must be declared to a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officer. Please note an FINCEN 105 form must be completed at the time of entry for monetary instruments over $10,000. This includes currency, ie. gold coins, valued over $10,000.”

How much is $1 US in Colombia?

Check today’s price of US dollars in Colombia in the above table. These prices are live and updated as soon as changes take place in the international market.

Gold Shops in Colombia

Here are the famous gold shops in Colombia where you can buy gold jewelry.


Address: Cl. 35 #3-19, Centro, Cartagena de Indias, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Phone: +57 56644255

Address: Cl. 20 #0 Este86 0 Este86, Bogotá, Colombia

Phone: +57 320 3582100

Emerald by Love

Address: City Bogotá, Pasaje Comercial, Cra 6 #12-78 Local 06, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Phone: +57 319 4782525

Tiffany & Co

Address: Cra. 12 #84-12, Bogotá, Colombia

Phone: +57 17467491

MUZEM Joyería

Address: Av Jimenez de Quesada #43 # 5, Bogotá, Colombia

Phone: +57 319 2504457

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