Gold Price in Iran Today

Last updated on March 22nd, 2023

Check the 24K, 22K, 18K, and 14K  spot gold prices in Iran. These rates are available in Gram, Tola, and Ounce. You can also check the current dollar price in Iran today here at The Gold Live.

Tola Gold Rate in Iran Today

The below tables show the gold rate in Iran today per tola. In Addition, USD to the Iranian Rial’s latest price is also shown. Gold in Iran is cheap compared to other countries.

Showing GOLD Price of IR in Tola
Current Price 30,716,120 IRR
Today Low Price 30,702,653 IRR
Today High Price 30,836,532 IRR
Today 1 USD 42250 IRR
Today 1 IRR $2.0E-5 USD

GOLD Rate of IR in Tola
Gold Unit Gold Rate
Tola 24K 30,713,743 IRR
Tola 23K 29,434,004 IRR
Tola 22K 28,154,265 IRR
Tola 21K 26,874,525 IRR
Tola 18K 23,035,307 IRR
Tola 16K 20,475,829 IRR
Tola 14K 17,916,350 IRR
Tola 12K 15,356,872 IRR
Tola 10K 12,797,393 IRR
Tola 9K 11,517,654 IRR
Tola 8K 10,237,914 IRR
Tola 6K 7,678,436 IRR

1 Gram Gold Price in Iranian Rial

The Gold price per gram is shown along with the high and low prices of gold today. Gold coin and bar prices in Iran have the same rates as shown in these tables.

Showing GOLD Price of IR in Gram
Current Price 2,633,395 IRR
Today Low Price 2,632,241 IRR
Today High Price 2,643,719 IRR
Today 1 USD 42250 IRR
Today 1 IRR $2.0E-5 USD

GOLD Rate of IR in Gram
Gold Unit Gold Rate
Gram 24K 2,633,192 IRR
Gram 23K 2,523,475 IRR
Gram 22K 2,413,759 IRR
Gram 21K 2,304,043 IRR
Gram 18K 1,974,894 IRR
Gram 16K 1,755,461 IRR
Gram 14K 1,536,028 IRR
Gram 12K 1,316,596 IRR
Gram 10K 1,097,163 IRR
Gram 9K 987,447 IRR
Gram 8K 877,731 IRR
Gram 6K 658,298 IRR

Gold Rate Per Ounce Today

The gold rate in Iran per ounce is shown live and updated in all the purities of gold here in the below tables. The Iranian Rial to USD current price is also shown.

Showing GOLD Price of IR in Ounce
Current Price 81,909,653 IRR
Today Low Price 81,873,740 IRR
Today High Price 82,230,753 IRR
Today 1 USD 42250 IRR
Today 1 IRR $2.0E-5 USD

GOLD Rate of IR in Ounce
Gold Unit Gold Rate
Ounce 24K 81,903,315 IRR
Ounce 23K 78,490,677 IRR
Ounce 22K 75,078,039 IRR
Ounce 21K 71,665,401 IRR
Ounce 18K 61,427,486 IRR
Ounce 16K 54,602,210 IRR
Ounce 14K 47,776,934 IRR
Ounce 12K 40,951,658 IRR
Ounce 10K 34,126,381 IRR
Ounce 9K 30,713,743 IRR
Ounce 8K 27,301,105 IRR
Ounce 6K 20,475,829 IRR

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