Gold Price in Italy Today

Last updated on March 22nd, 2023

Italian gold is famous around the world. You are welcome to see live gold prices in Italy here. You can check 24 K, 22K, 18K, and 14K Italian gold prices per ounce USD price.

Italian Gold Price Per Ounce

The below table show all the purities that includes 18K and 14K Italian gold price. This table shows the gold price in Italy per ounce live. All these rates are updated timely for your convenience.

Showing GOLD Price of IT in Ounce
Current Price $1,941.0 USD
Today Low Price $1,939.1 USD
Today High Price $1,946.3 USD

GOLD Rate of IT in Ounce
Gold Unit Gold Rate
Ounce 24K $1,940.8 USD
Ounce 23K $1,860.0 USD
Ounce 22K $1,779.1 USD
Ounce 21K $1,698.2 USD
Ounce 18K $1,455.6 USD
Ounce 16K $1,293.9 USD
Ounce 14K $1,132.1 USD
Ounce 12K $970.4 USD
Ounce 10K $808.7 USD
Ounce 9K $727.8 USD
Ounce 8K $646.9 USD
Ounce 6K $485.2 USD

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Italian Gold-Gold From Italy

Italian gold has great significance in the world. If anyone goes to Italy for any purpose, there is a recommendation that he/she must buy gold from Italy. 

Gold Price in Italy

Because of its uniqueness and the jewelry designs of Italy are loveable around the globe. Moreover, that is the reason Italian gold carries its own worth.

Gold Chains and Earrings Italy

Gold chains & earrings from Italy are unique because of their heritage. They are very eye-catchy and women love to wear their lightweight gold articles.

Gold price in Italy is also a little bit high than in the USA. the reason behind that is purity. In the USA the gold price is slightly low because their common gold purity is 14Karat. 

While in here Italy, 18Karat gold is popular or used frequently. So that causes the prices little higher than the USA.