Gold Price in Sri Lanka Today

Last updated on May 23rd, 2024

As you know gold is precious and worthy metal in the world. So check here the gold price in Sri Lanka 24K, 22K, 18K & 14K in LKR. You can also check the gold rate in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

Today’s Gold Rate in Sri Lanka Per Gram

Sri Lanka’s gold price per gram is shown in these tables in all the purities. In Addition, USD to LKR’s latest price is also shown. These are the live rates and are updated regularly on a daily basis.

Showing GOLD Price of LK in Gram
Ounce 707,483.22
Gram 22,745.59
Kilo 22,746,080.91
Tola 265,306.21
Baht 334,604.19
Grain 1,473.92
Ratti 4,139.80

GOLD Rate of LK in Gram
The Price Right Now 22,745.73
Price on Yesterday 22,971.38
Price Change Today-225.80 (-1%)
Today's High Price 23,014.69
Today's Low Price 22,733.56
Today's Price Fluctuation 281.10
Market Volatility Status High

Gold Price Per Tola

The following tables are showing the gold rate per tola in Sri Lanka. LKR to USD current price is shown too.

Showing GOLD Price of LK in Tola
The Price Right Now 265,307.87
Price on Yesterday 267,939.87
Price Change Today-2,631.90 (-1%)
Today's High Price 268,445.01
Today's Low Price 265,166.00
Today's Price Fluctuation 3,279.00
Market Volatility Status High

GOLD Rate of LK in Tola
24K 265,308.01
23K 254,253.51
22K 243,199.01
21K 232,144.51
18K 198,981.01
14K 154,763.01
10K 110,545.01
9K 99,490.50
8K 88,436.00
6K 66,327.00

Gold Price Per Ounce

Gold price per ounce in Sri Lanka is shown with the latest USD to LKR price. 

Showing GOLD Price of LK in Ounce
The Price Right Now 707,487.67
Price on Yesterday 714,506.31
Price Change Today-7,018.50 (-1%)
Today's High Price 715,853.37
Today's Low Price 707,109.32
Today's Price Fluctuation 8,744.10
Market Volatility Status High

GOLD Rate of LK in Ounce
24K 707,487.81
23K 678,009.15
22K 648,530.50
21K 619,051.84
18K 530,615.86
14K 412,701.22
10K 294,786.59
9K 265,307.93
8K 235,829.27
6K 176,871.95

Sri Lanka is a South Asian country based on an Island. India is the neighboring country of Sri Lanka. In the 2020 survey, the population of Sri Lanka falls to 21.93 Million. Srilanka’s capital is Colombo.

Gold Price in Sri Lanka

Gold Jewellery in Sri Lanka

Gold is cheap in Sri Lanka. Almost all countries have the same gold prices. Moreover, Many factors are playing their role jointly to influence the gold price but, The major factors that effects are Taxes and Jewellery making charges (Labour Charges).

Gold Biscuit, Pawning, Chains, and Jewellery price in Sri Lanka is the same as mentioned in the above tables. 

Jewelry Shops in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, gold jewelry prices are cheap because of its low rate of tax imposition on gold, and the charges of making it are very low as compared to other countries. 

After a lot of research, we have gathered the data and made it concise for your ease. We have made a list of where you can buy gold jewelry in Srilanka easily.

Swaranamahal Jewelers

Address: 36 Galle Rd, Colombo 00400, Sri Lanka

Phone: +94 117 534 444

Vogue Jewellers (Pvt) Ltd

Address: 528 Colombo – Galle Main Rd, Colombo 00300, Sri Lanka

Phone: +94 112 414 414

Devi Jewellers

Address: 131 Sea St, Colombo 01100, Sri Lanka

Phone: +94 71 313 1131

Ravi Jewellers-Gold Rate Today

Address: 115 Sea St, Colombo 01100, Sri Lanka

Phone: +94 77 737 3337

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