Gold Price in Sweden Today

Last updated on March 22nd, 2023

Welcome to You can check the gold price in Sweden live here in 24K, 22K, 20K, 18K, and 14K.

Sweden Gold Price Per Gram

These tables show the gold rate in Sweden per gram. You can also check USD to SEK live rate in this table.

Showing GOLD Price of SE in Gram
Current Price 645.20 SEK
Today Low Price 644.61 SEK
Today High Price 647.00 SEK
Today 1 USD 10.339823 SEK
Today 1 SEK $0.09671 USD

GOLD Rate of SE in Gram
Gold Unit Gold Rate
Gram 24K 645.15 SEK
Gram 23K 618.27 SEK
Gram 22K 591.39 SEK
Gram 21K 564.50 SEK
Gram 18K 483.86 SEK
Gram 16K 430.10 SEK
Gram 14K 376.34 SEK
Gram 12K 322.57 SEK
Gram 10K 268.81 SEK
Gram 9K 241.93 SEK
Gram 8K 215.05 SEK
Gram 6K 161.29 SEK

Gold Rate Per Tola in Sweden

The gold rate per tola in Sweden is shown in these tables along with the high and low rates of gold today. Sweden’s SEK to USD is also shown.

Showing GOLD Price of SE in Tola
Current Price 7,525.7 SEK
Today Low Price 7,518.8 SEK
Today High Price 7,546.6 SEK
Today 1 USD 10.339823 SEK
Today 1 SEK $0.09671 USD

GOLD Rate of SE in Tola
Gold Unit Gold Rate
Tola 24K 7,525.1 SEK
Tola 23K 7,211.5 SEK
Tola 22K 6,898.0 SEK
Tola 21K 6,584.4 SEK
Tola 18K 5,643.8 SEK
Tola 16K 5,016.7 SEK
Tola 14K 4,389.6 SEK
Tola 12K 3,762.5 SEK
Tola 10K 3,135.4 SEK
Tola 9K 2,821.9 SEK
Tola 8K 2,508.4 SEK
Tola 6K 1,881.3 SEK

Gold Price Per Ounce in SEK

See the desired purities from 24K to 10K live in these tables. USD to SEK price live is also shown in these tables.

Showing GOLD Price of SE in Ounce
Current Price 20,068 SEK
Today Low Price 20,050 SEK
Today High Price 20,124 SEK
Today 1 USD 10.339823 SEK
Today 1 SEK $0.09671 USD

GOLD Rate of SE in Ounce
Gold Unit Gold Rate
Ounce 24K 20,067 SEK
Ounce 23K 19,231 SEK
Ounce 22K 18,395 SEK
Ounce 21K 17,558 SEK
Ounce 18K 15,050 SEK
Ounce 16K 13,378 SEK
Ounce 14K 11,706 SEK
Ounce 12K 10,033 SEK
Ounce 10K 8,361 SEK
Ounce 9K 7,525 SEK
Ounce 8K 6,689 SEK
Ounce 6K 5,017 SEK

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