Gold Price in Antigua and Barbuda

Last updated on June 9th, 2023

The gold prices in Antigua and Barbuda in the East Caribbean Dollar are updated daily; you can check them here. You can check the gold rate today 24K, 22K, 20K, 18K, and 14 carats. These are available in Tola, Gram, and Ounces quantities.

Gold Rate in Antigua and Barbuda Per Gram

Check today per gram 24, 22, and 18 carats are shown in the below table in  East Caribbean Dollar. You must check the prices before buying gold.

Showing GOLD Price of AG in Gram
Current Price 170.81 XCD
Today Low Price 170.35 XCD
Today High Price 170.88 XCD
Today 1 USD 2.70255 XCD
Today 1 XCD $0.37002 USD

GOLD Rate of AG in Gram
Gold Unit Gold Rate
Gram 24K 170.79 XCD
Gram 23K 163.68 XCD
Gram 22K 156.56 XCD
Gram 21K 149.44 XCD
Gram 18K 128.10 XCD
Gram 16K 113.86 XCD
Gram 14K 99.63 XCD
Gram 12K 85.40 XCD
Gram 10K 71.16 XCD
Gram 9K 64.05 XCD
Gram 8K 56.93 XCD
Gram 6K 42.70 XCD

Per Ounce Gold Prices in XCD

Gold rates in Antigua and Barbuda live per ounce are shown here below. You can also check how much it is 1$ worth to XCD. See the desired prices below. Check USD to East Caribbean Dollar current rate in the table.

Showing GOLD Price of AG in Ounce
Current Price 5,312.8 XCD
Today Low Price 5,298.6 XCD
Today High Price 5,315.1 XCD
Today 1 USD 2.70255 XCD
Today 1 XCD $0.37002 USD

GOLD Rate of AG in Ounce
Gold Unit Gold Rate
Ounce 24K 5,312.4 XCD
Ounce 23K 5,091.1 XCD
Ounce 22K 4,869.7 XCD
Ounce 21K 4,648.4 XCD
Ounce 18K 3,984.3 XCD
Ounce 16K 3,541.6 XCD
Ounce 14K 3,098.9 XCD
Ounce 12K 2,656.2 XCD
Ounce 10K 2,213.5 XCD
Ounce 9K 1,992.2 XCD
Ounce 8K 1,770.8 XCD
Ounce 6K 1,328.1 XCD

Tola Gold Price Antigua & Barbuda

Check the 24 Carat, 22 Carat, 18 Carat, and 14 Carat gold spot prices here. You can also check XCD to US Dollar today’s exchange rate in this table.

Showing GOLD Price of AG in Tola
Current Price 1,992.3 XCD
Today Low Price 1,987.0 XCD
Today High Price 1,993.2 XCD
Today 1 USD 2.70255 XCD
Today 1 XCD $0.37002 USD

GOLD Rate of AG in Tola
Gold Unit Gold Rate
Tola 24K 1,992.2 XCD
Tola 23K 1,909.1 XCD
Tola 22K 1,826.1 XCD
Tola 21K 1,743.1 XCD
Tola 18K 1,494.1 XCD
Tola 16K 1,328.1 XCD
Tola 14K 1,162.1 XCD
Tola 12K 996.1 XCD
Tola 10K 830.1 XCD
Tola 9K 747.1 XCD
Tola 8K 664.1 XCD
Tola 6K 498.0 XCD

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