Gold Rate in Kalash

Last updated on October 2nd, 2023

Welcome to The Gold Live, Here you can find the live gold rate in Kalash, Pakistan today. You can check the prices in Tola, Gram and Ounces. These prices are available in 24K, 22K, 20K, 18K, & 14K. We update you by continuously updating Kalash’s gold prices and providing accurate results. So you can quickly check the 24K and 22K gold rates in Kalash Sarafa Bazar in Urdu. Moreover, you can find all the cities’ gold prices here.

Gold Price in Kalash

The below table shows gold rates in Kalash per tola in shown. All the quantities of gold prices are available here. You should check the gold price first and then make a decision.

Showing GOLD Price of PK in Tola
The Price Right Now 197,332
Price on Yesterday 200,609
Price Change Today-3,277.70 (-1.6%)
Today's High Price 199,451
Today's Low Price 196,655
Today's Price Fluctuation 2,796.40
Market Volatility Status High

GOLD Rate of PK in Tola
24K 197,332
23K 189,109
22K 180,887
21K 172,665
18K 147,999
14K 115,110
10K 82,221
9K 73,999
8K 65,777
6K 49,333

Gold Rate Per Gram in Kalash

The per gram gold rate in Kalash, Pakistan is shown in the below table.

Showing GOLD Price of PK in Gram
Ounce 526,217
Gram 16,918
Kilo 16,918,258
Tola 197,332
Baht 248,875
Grain 1,096.28
Ratti 3,079.13

GOLD Rate of PK in Gram
The Price Right Now 16,918
Price on Yesterday 17,199
Price Change Today-281.00 (-1.6%)
Today's High Price 17,100
Today's Low Price 16,860
Today's Price Fluctuation 239.70
Market Volatility Status High

Per Ounce Gold Price Kalash Pakistan

Here you can find all purities gold rates easily. Check the ounce gold price in the table below for 24, 22, 20, 18, and 14K.

Showing GOLD Price of PK in Ounce
The Price Right Now 526,217
Price on Yesterday 534,958
Price Change Today-8,740.60 (-1.6%)
Today's High Price 531,870
Today's Low Price 524,413
Today's Price Fluctuation 7,457.00
Market Volatility Status High

GOLD Rate of PK in Ounce
24K 526,217
23K 504,292
22K 482,366
21K 460,440
18K 394,663
14K 306,960
10K 219,257
9K 197,332
8K 175,406
6K 131,554

Gold Rates in other Pakistani Cities

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