Gold Rate in Kochi Today

Last updated on June 17th, 2024

Check the latest gold rate in Kochi, India today. These rates are available in 24 and 22 Carat per 1Gram, 8Gram, 10Gram, and 100Gram. Now you have no need to worry as you can see the live gold rates in India and in its states too.

24 Carat Gold Price in Kochi Today

The below table 24 carat gold rate in Kochi today is shown, Check the required prices and make the investment decisions that will help you.

Quantity of Gold24 Carat (Today)
1 Gram 5,230
8 Gram 41,832
10 Gram 52,290
100 Gram 5,22,900

22 Carat Gold Rate in Kochi India

Here in this table, 22 carat gold of the gold in Kochi is presented. These rates are continuously updating.

Quantity of Gold22 Carat (Today)
1 Gram 4,794
8 Gram 38,346
10 Gram 47,932
100 Gram 4,79,320

You can also check the gold prices in Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Ahmedabad, and Chennai. Kochi (also named Cochin) is a famous state presented in Kerala. You can find many famous brands of gold here.


Have a look at the most frequently asked questions about gold in Kochi here below:

Why is it important to check the gold price in Kochi?

We will advise you to check the gold price in Kochi before purchasing it. Because you will get an idea about the price and then decide either to invest/buy it or not.

What is the demand of gold in Kochi?

The population of Kochi is growing day by day so the demand for gold is increasing. The price here is also a little bit lower as compared to other states. That’s the main reason for it.

What is the rate of 1 gram of gold today in Kerala?

Check the gold price in Kerala. We have made a separate post for it on our site.

How much does 1 Pavan gold cost in Kerala?

You can check the 1 Pavan(8 Gram) gold price here. Just click on it to see 1 Pavan gold rate in Kerala.

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