Gold Rate in Rawalpindi Today

Last updated on April 25th, 2024

Gold prices change throughout Pakistan very frequently. You can check all cities of Pakistan’s gold prices, especially the live gold rate in Rawalpindi. 24K, 22K, 20K, 18K, and 14K gold spot prices data is available here.

Gold Price in Rawalpindi Today Per Tola

24, 22, 20, 18, and 14 Carat gold rate today in Rawalpindi Sarafa Bazar is shown live and updated in tola quantity. Do you know you can get another advantage here at this table? That’s the Dollar to PKR’s current price.

Showing GOLD Price of PK in Tola
The Price Right Now 242,804.64
Price on Yesterday 242,108.56
Price Change Today+696.10 (+0.3%)
Today's High Price 243,001.16
Today's Low Price 240,303.08
Today's Price Fluctuation 2,698.10
Market Volatility Status High

GOLD Rate of PK in Tola
24K 242,804.65
23K 232,687.79
22K 222,570.93
21K 212,454.07
18K 182,103.49
14K 141,636.05
10K 101,168.60
9K 91,051.74
8K 80,934.88
6K 60,701.16

RWP Gold Price Per Gram

Today gold rate in Islamabad, Rawalpindi in gram quantity is shown here with all the desired purities. Also, check today’s high and low gold prices in the town. Moreover, to facilitate you we are also providing Rupee to USD current price here in these tables. 

Showing GOLD Price of PK in Gram
Ounce 647,480.88
Gram 20,816.51
Kilo 20,816,963.53
Tola 242,805.33
Baht 306,226.08
Grain 1,348.92
Ratti 3,788.70

GOLD Rate of PK in Gram
The Price Right Now 20,816.45
Price on Yesterday 20,756.77
Price Change Today+59.70 (+0.3%)
Today's High Price 20,833.30
Today's Low Price 20,601.98
Today's Price Fluctuation 231.30
Market Volatility Status High

Per Ounce Gold Rate

These rates are according to Sarafa Bazar Rawalpindi and you must check the gold price before buying the gold coins, bars, and jewellery. You can check the 24 Carat, 22 Carat, 18 Carat, and 14 Carat gold prices here.

Showing GOLD Price of PK in Ounce
The Price Right Now 647,479.05
Price on Yesterday 645,622.83
Price Change Today+1,856.30 (+0.3%)
Today's High Price 648,003.09
Today's Low Price 640,808.22
Today's Price Fluctuation 7,194.90
Market Volatility Status High

GOLD Rate of PK in Ounce
24K 647,479.11
23K 620,500.81
22K 593,522.52
21K 566,544.22
18K 485,609.33
14K 377,696.15
10K 269,782.96
9K 242,804.67
8K 215,826.37
6K 161,869.78

Rawalpindi (A Beautiful City in Pakistan)

Rawalpindi is counted among the beautiful cities of Pakistan. It falls in the Punjab province of Pakistan and is surrounded by the beautiful greenery of nature. Moreover, Murree is near Rawalpindi so that is why the weather here remains pleasant throughout the year. 

Gold in Rawalpindi

Women of Rawalpindi love cultural gold jewellery and love to wear trendy ones. There is some advice for you ladies, must check the gold rate in Rawalpindi before buying the gold jewellery. In Addition, you must see the gold price before buying gold bars, biscuits, and coins in RWP.

Gold price in Rawalpindi

Gold Jewellers in Rawalpindi

There are numerous gold shops in Rawalpindi but one can get confused when having to choose the unique one. Do not worry, we have gathered the data and then sorted it to provide you with the best ones in town based according to reviews of people. 

Here is the list of the best Rawalpindi Jewellers, where you can buy gold rings, neckless, and Earrings for parties and wedding events to make them beautiful.

Patiala Diamonds

Address: Ground Floor, Beverly Centre, 16, Jinnah Ave, Islamabad.

Phone: (051) 8744444

Zaib Jewellers New Sarafa Bazar

Address: Zaib Jewellers, D-618 New, Sarafa Bazar Rd, Shan Chan Chiragh, Rawalpindi.

Phone: (051) 5542625

ARY Jewellers Saddar Rawalpindi

Address: Shop No5, 59 Axis Center, Bank Rd, Saddar, Rawalpindi.

Phone: (051) 5120713

Patiala Jewellers

Address:  Shop # 7 Parsi market Murree Rd Mohalla, Rawalpindi.

Phone: (051) 5761435

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