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Last updated on June 16th, 2024

Welcome to As you know, the gold rate fluctuates minute to minute, so here you can check Spot gold prices live every day. provides you with the most authenticated and well-founded gold rate today. The timely and right information will help you to make better investment decisions.

Showing GOLD Price of US in Gram
Ounce $2,332.78
Gram $75.00
Kilo $75,000.53
Tola $874.79
Baht $1,103.29
Grain $4.86
Ratti $13.65

Through you can see the real-time live price of gold in your country or country’s currency as soon as its price updates. Moreover, you can also see the Dollar Price in your country along with the gold price today. London Bullion Market is responsible for determining the gold rate every day.

So as soon or frequently they change the price, you can see here according to your country or its currency. Whether you are in Kuwait, Pakistan, Dubai, India, the USA, or anywhere else in the world, you must check the international gold rate before investing in gold stock. To check the gold rate today in any country, just select the desired country first, and then simply select the desired unit.

Gold rate

Gold Prices you can check here are:

24-Carat Gold Price Today

24-carat gold is the most popular type of gold and has superior quality gold. shows all the countries’ gold rates in 24 carats. We offer you three types of gold rates today in almost all countries over the world.

Gold is measured in different quantities. Here are some widely used you can check the gold price:

  • Tola
  • Gram
  • Ounce

Gold Price in Tola

To check the gold rate today in Tola just click on the select unit button and select Tola from that. Basically, tola is mostly used in Asian countries to represent or measure gold. 1 tola contains 11.66 grams of gold and 56.842 karats.

Gold Price Per Gram

To see the gold price per gram click on the select unit button and select the Gram from that. It’s the smallest weight and unit to represent the quantity of gold and the smallest weight. Moreover, Gram is mostly or frequently used in digital gold stock or currency.

Gold Price Per Ounce

Same as above, simply just click on the select unit area above and select the Ounce from that. 1 ounce of gold is equal to 28.3495 grams of gold.

Gold Prices in the World-Gold Rate Today

Gold Rate Today with Dollar Rate in Countries Below. Click to see.

Saudi Arabia (KSA)Oman
ChinaSri Lanka
SwedenNew Zealand
Hong KongNigeria
UAE South Africa
AngolaAntigua & Barbuda
Belgium Belize
BonaireBosnia and Herzegovina
BotswanaBouvet Island
BrazilBritish Indian Ocean Territory
Burkina FasoBurundi
CameroonCape Verde
Cayman IslandCentral African Republic
Christmas IslandCocos Islands
ComorosCook Islands
Democratic Republic of CongoCosta Rica
Cote D'IvoireCroatia
CyprusCzech Republic
DjiboutiDominican Republic
EcuadorEl Salvador
Equatorial Guinea Eritrea
EstoniaFalkland Islands
Faroe IslandsFiji
FinlandFrench Guiana
French PolynesiaFrench Southern Territories

These days if you have surplus money and want to invest in a profitable channel then probably the most suitable source will be gold. its price rarely goes down and most of the time it’s high. No doubt the risk element is present, but compared to other options you have to invest in, it’s almost 1%. See the gold rate today and then make investment decisions. You must have some knowledge about the karats of gold commonly used. These are here below:

Karats of Gold

Especially women like gold jewelry so they must check its price before buying, and they must know its quality. Gold quality is measured in Karats. Here are some famous of them.

24 Karat Gold (100 % Pure Gold)

It is bright yellow and more expensive than 22 Karats and 18 Karats. In Addition, It is easily bendable because it is very soft. So that’s the main reason it is not used in making any jewelry.


It is mainly used in making Coins and Bars.

22 Carat Gold  (91.67% Gold & 8.33 % other metals)

This form of gold is less soft. It is due to the particles mixed with it, thus making it a little bit harder and more durable.


 It is used in that kind of jewelry worn occasionally, because of its soft and malleable nature.

18 Carat Gold  (75 % Gold & 25% other metals)

As we mentioned, in 18 Carats gold, there is 75% gold and 25 % other metals like copper, silver, and alloy. It is the least expensive as compared to 24 Carats & 22 Carats.


Usually, it is used in jewelry making that is worn regularly( like gold Rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces )

If you want to know what is the gold rate today in your country, you can quickly check here. Moreover, gold rates of all countries are available here. Just click on the desired country, and it will show you today the price of gold.

You should always calculate the price of gold before buying and selling it. you can take help from here and check the latest price of gold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about gold prices you must know:

This website aims to provide real-time gold price information in various units and carat values for different countries and cities around the world.

The gold price is updated regularly at the gold live, typically whenever prices change in the international gold/bullion market to ensure you receive accurate and up-to-date information.

We provide gold prices in grams, ounces, and tolas, catering to different preferences and market standards.

We offer gold prices for a range of carat values, including 24 carat, 22 carat, 21 carat, 20 carat, 18 carat, and 14 carat down to 1 carat, allowing you to make informed decisions based on your requirements.

No, gold prices can vary from one region to another due to factors such as supply, demand, local taxes, and market conditions.

The gold price is calculated based on current market rates, which can be influenced by global economic factors, currency exchange rates, and supply and demand dynamics.

Local taxes are not directly factored into the displayed gold prices. You may need to account for applicable taxes separately.

Navigate to the \”Gold Prices\” section and select your country and city from the dropdown menus to view the relevant gold price information.

Yes, you can easily switch between grams, ounces, tolas, and various carat values using the provided options on the website.

Yes, the gold prices are updated regularly to reflect the most current market rates.

Carat is a unit of measurement used to express the purity of gold. Higher carat values indicate a higher purity level.

Gold with higher purity (measured in carats) tends to have a higher market value due to its increased gold content.

The gold price displayed on our website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a guarantee of future prices.

We do not provide investment advice. The gold price information on this website should not be considered financial advice.