Gold Prices in Guyana in Guyanese Dollar

Last updated on December 10th, 2023

Check 24K, 22K, 20K, 18K, and 14K gold prices today in Guyana. You can check gold prices per Gram, Tola, and Ounce. In Addition, Guyana’s gold price history and rate fluctuation are also represented in these tables. 

Per Gram Gold Rate Guyana

1-Gram gold rate Guayana 24Karat, 23Karat, 22Karat, 21Karat, 20Karat, 18Karat, and 14Karat is shown. See today’s high and low gold spot prices here.

Showing GOLD Price of GY in Gram
Ounce 420,099
Gram 13,506
Kilo 13,506,493
Tola 157,537
Baht 198,686
Grain 875.21
Ratti 2,458.19

GOLD Rate of GY in Gram
The Price Right Now 13,506
Price on Yesterday 13,506
Price Change Today-0.000 (-0%)
Today's High Price 13,705
Today's Low Price 13,439
Today's Price Fluctuation 266.90
Market Volatility Status Very High

Gold Price Today Per Tola in Guyana

Today gold rate per tola 24Carat, 23Carat, 22Carat, 20Carat, 18Carat, and 1 Carat shown below. Moreover, today’s high and low prices of gold are also available.

Showing GOLD Price of GY in Tola
The Price Right Now 157,537
Price on Yesterday 157,537
Price Change Today-0.000 (-0%)
Today's High Price 159,862
Today's Low Price 156,748
Today's Price Fluctuation 3,113.50
Market Volatility Status Very High

GOLD Rate of GY in Tola
24K 157,537
23K 150,973
22K 144,409
21K 137,845
18K 118,153
14K 91,897
10K 65,641
9K 59,076
8K 52,512
6K 39,384

Guyana Ounce Gold Prices

The table below shows how much gold per ounce is in the Guyana gold market. Moreover, you can also check the price change today here in the below table.

Showing GOLD Price of GY in Ounce
The Price Right Now 420,099
Price on Yesterday 420,099
Price Change Today-0.000 (-0%)
Today's High Price 426,298
Today's Low Price 417,996
Today's Price Fluctuation 8,302.80
Market Volatility Status Very High

GOLD Rate of GY in Ounce
24K 420,099
23K 402,595
22K 385,091
21K 367,587
18K 315,075
14K 245,058
10K 175,041
9K 157,537
8K 140,033
6K 105,025
Gold Price in Guyana

Is Gold Jewelry Cheaper in Guyana?

Yes, gold jewelry is often cheaper in Guyana compared to many other countries. There are several reasons for this:

Local Gold Production: Guyana is a gold-rich country with significant gold mining operations. This means that the country has a steady supply of gold, which can help keep prices competitive.

Lower Labor Costs: Guyana generally has lower labor costs than many Western countries, which can translate to more affordable craftsmanship and design work for gold jewelry.

Reduced Import Costs: When gold jewelry is produced locally, it reduces the need for expensive imports, which can help keep prices down.

Variety and Customization: The local jewelry market in Guyana often offers a wide range of designs and customization options. This allows consumers to find pieces that fit their preferences and budget.

Duty-Free Shopping: Some tourists visiting Guyana may also enjoy duty-free shopping, making gold jewelry more affordable for international visitors.

Gold Shops to Buy Gold Jewelry in Guyana

Raj Jewellery

Address: East Coast Demerara, MOVIETOWNE MALl & GIFTLAND MALL Turkeyen, Georgetown, Guyana
Phone: +592 658 5730

King’s Jewellery World

Address: 141 Quamina Street, Georgetown, Guyana
Phone: +592 226 0704

Steves Jewelry World

Address: RR6R+MVP, Georgetown, Guyana
Phone: +592 223 9641

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