Gold Price in Tanzania Today

Last updated on March 22nd, 2023

Welcome to The Gold Live. Check the latest gold price in Tanzania here. We are providing gold rates over the world. You can see the Gram, Tola, and Ounce prices in 24k, 22K, 20K, 18K, and 14K. Tanzania Shilling to USD and Dollar to Tanzania Shilling prices can also be seen in the below tables.

24 Carat Gold Rate in Tanzania Per Gram

Wanna know the spot gold price per gram in Tanzania today 24K? Don’t worry all the prices are mentioned here along with the Shilling to USD Price live. In the below table, other purities like 22, 20, 18, and 14 Carats are also presented. Check the gram prices here.

Showing GOLD Price of TZ in Gram
Current Price 146,040 TZS
Today Low Price 145,881 TZS
Today High Price 146,421 TZS
Today 1 USD 2340 TZS
Today 1 TZS $0.00043 USD

GOLD Rate of TZ in Gram
Gold Unit Gold Rate
Gram 24K 146,029 TZS
Gram 23K 139,944 TZS
Gram 22K 133,860 TZS
Gram 21K 127,775 TZS
Gram 18K 109,521 TZS
Gram 16K 97,352 TZS
Gram 14K 85,183 TZS
Gram 12K 73,014 TZS
Gram 10K 60,845 TZS
Gram 9K 54,761 TZS
Gram 8K 48,676 TZS
Gram 6K 36,507 TZS

Gold Rate Per Tola in Shilling

Today’s high and low price of gold in Tanzania is shown. Check the prices and then make the investment and gold-buying decisions accordingly.

Showing GOLD Price of TZ in Tola
Current Price 1,703,425 TZS
Today Low Price 1,701,569 TZS
Today High Price 1,707,869 TZS
Today 1 USD 2340 TZS
Today 1 TZS $0.00043 USD

GOLD Rate of TZ in Tola
Gold Unit Gold Rate
Tola 24K 1,703,289 TZS
Tola 23K 1,632,319 TZS
Tola 22K 1,561,348 TZS
Tola 21K 1,490,378 TZS
Tola 18K 1,277,467 TZS
Tola 16K 1,135,526 TZS
Tola 14K 993,585 TZS
Tola 12K 851,644 TZS
Tola 10K 709,704 TZS
Tola 9K 638,733 TZS
Tola 8K 567,763 TZS
Tola 6K 425,822 TZS

Ounce Gold Price Tanzania

Check the gold rate in Tanzania per ounce today in the Tanzania Shilling price.

Showing GOLD Price of TZ in Ounce
Current Price 4,542,467 TZS
Today Low Price 4,537,517 TZS
Today High Price 4,554,319 TZS
Today 1 USD 2340 TZS
Today 1 TZS $0.00043 USD

GOLD Rate of TZ in Ounce
Gold Unit Gold Rate
Ounce 24K 4,542,104 TZS
Ounce 23K 4,352,849 TZS
Ounce 22K 4,163,595 TZS
Ounce 21K 3,974,341 TZS
Ounce 18K 3,406,578 TZS
Ounce 16K 3,028,069 TZS
Ounce 14K 2,649,561 TZS
Ounce 12K 2,271,052 TZS
Ounce 10K 1,892,543 TZS
Ounce 9K 1,703,289 TZS
Ounce 8K 1,514,035 TZS
Ounce 6K 1,135,526 TZS

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Gold Price in Tanzania

Gold Mining in Tanzania-Gold Market Tanzania

Most of the gold mines are located in the North-West of the country. North Mara gold mine is one of the top gold mines in Tanzania which started its work initially in 2002. Other mines are:

  • Buckreef Gold Mine
  • Bulyanhulu Gold Mine
  • Buzwagi Gold Mine
  • Geita Gold Mine
  • New Luika Gold Mine
  • Golden Pride Gold Mine


Here are some most frequently asked questions about gold in Tanzania:

What is the price of gold in Tanzania?

Check the latest gold price in Tanzania here at Just scroll up and check the prices along with the Dollar price.

Is there a lot of gold in Tanzania?

Well, we can say that it’s right up to some extent. As they are at the number four (4) position in the export of gold in Africa. On a rough estimation, about 40 Tonnes of gold is produced every year. No doubt they are gifted with a land riched with minerals.

What is the biggest gold mine in Tanzania?

Geita Open-Pit Gold Mine is the biggest gold mine in Tanzania. More than 80% of gold production is done here.

How much gold does Tanzania export?

According to the 2020 stats, 2.36 Billion dollars worth of gold is exported by the country and they fall at 32 on the export of gold all over the world which is pretty decent.