Gold Price in Lebanon Today

Last updated on September 30th, 2023

Wanna know the gold price in Lebanon? Here is providing you with a live gold rate today. 

1 Gram Gold Price in Lebanon

This table shows the gold price per gram. Moreover, the Dollar rate in Lebanon is also shown:

Showing GOLD Price of LB in Gram
Ounce 27,845,880
Gram 895,245
Kilo 895,264,530
Tola 10,442,205
Baht 13,169,709
Grain 58,012
Ratti 162,939

GOLD Rate of LB in Gram
The Price Right Now 895,245
Price on Yesterday 893,292
Price Change Today+1,953.10 (+0.2%)
Today's High Price 910,453
Today's Low Price 894,051
Today's Price Fluctuation 16,402
Market Volatility Status Very High

Dollar Rate in Lebanon does not only provide you with gold prices but today’s Dollar rate in Lebanon is also shown in these tables.

1 Tola Gold Price Lebanon Today

Showing GOLD Price of LB in Tola
The Price Right Now 10,442,205
Price on Yesterday 10,419,424
Price Change Today+22,781 (+0.2%)
Today's High Price 10,619,594
Today's Low Price 10,428,282
Today's Price Fluctuation 191,312
Market Volatility Status Very High

GOLD Rate of LB in Tola
24K 10,442,205
23K 10,007,113
22K 9,572,021
21K 9,136,929
18K 7,831,654
14K 6,091,286
10K 4,350,919
9K 3,915,827
8K 3,480,735
6K 2,610,551

Gold Price Today in Lebanon Per Ounce

Per ounce, the gold price is shown along with the high or low gold price of gold today.

Showing GOLD Price of LB in Ounce
The Price Right Now 27,845,880
Price on Yesterday 27,785,131
Price Change Today+60,748 (+0.2%)
Today's High Price 28,318,916
Today's Low Price 27,808,751
Today's Price Fluctuation 510,165
Market Volatility Status Very High

GOLD Rate of LB in Ounce
24K 27,845,880
23K 26,685,635
22K 25,525,390
21K 24,365,145
18K 20,884,410
14K 16,243,430
10K 11,602,450
9K 10,442,205
8K 9,281,960
6K 6,961,470

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Jewellery Lebanon

We are sure that you must be looking for Lebanese gold jewellery. Here we go with a list of the best jewellery stores in Lebanon for your ease.

Gold Price in Lebanon

Gold Shops in Lebanon

Here are the best Lebanon gold jewellery selling brands.

Antoine Saliba

Address: Antelias, Lebanon

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Mina’s Jewelry

Address: Mehyedine Khayyat str، Aicha Bakkar, Beirut, Lebanon

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Hanna Jewelry

Address: Jounieh – Beirut Hwy, Lebanon

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Issa Jewelry

Address: Electricity Company, Lebanon

Phone: +961 3 022 791

Selim Mouzannar

Address: 82 Chehade Street، Beirut, Lebanon، Lebanon

Phone: +961 1 331 299

Bechara Issa Jewelry

Address: Jdeideh, Lebanon

Phone: +961 1 880 390

Jewellery Lebanon|Saleh Jewelry

Address: Shukri Shammas Avenue Street 9, Rabieh, Lebanon

Phone: +961 70 283 555

Andre Marcha

Address: Phoenicia Intercontinental Hotel, Lobby Beirut-Lebanon، 

Phone: +961 1 367 624