Gold Price in Bangladesh

Last updated on March 22nd, 2023

Welcome to Here you can check the gold price in Bangladesh per Tola (Vori), Gram, and, Ounce. Thegoldlive provides you with the opportunity to see live gold rates in countries over the world.

Today Gold Price in Bangladesh Per Vori (Tola)

The following table shows the Bangladesh gold price per Vori (Tola). 1 Vori is equal to 11.66Grams. Moreover, you can check the latest Dollar to Taka price along with the gold rate today. 

Showing GOLD Price of BD in Tola
Current Price ৳ 77,881 BDT
Today Low Price ৳ 77,810 BDT
Today High Price ৳ 78,098 BDT
Today 1 USD ৳ 107.004361 BDT
Today 1 BDT $0.00935 USD

GOLD Rate of BD in Tola
Gold Unit Gold Rate
Tola 24K ৳ 77,875 BDT
Tola 23K ৳ 74,631 BDT
Tola 22K ৳ 71,386 BDT
Tola 21K ৳ 68,141 BDT
Tola 18K ৳ 58,407 BDT
Tola 16K ৳ 51,917 BDT
Tola 14K ৳ 45,427 BDT
Tola 12K ৳ 38,938 BDT
Tola 10K ৳ 32,448 BDT
Tola 9K ৳ 29,203 BDT
Tola 8K ৳ 25,958 BDT
Tola 6K ৳ 19,469 BDT

Gold Price in Bangladesh Per Gram

See the latest per-gram gold price in BD here. This table shows today’s high and low prices of gold with Taka to Dollar prices every day.

Showing GOLD Price of BD in Gram
Current Price ৳ 6,677.0 BDT
Today Low Price ৳ 6,670.9 BDT
Today High Price ৳ 6,695.6 BDT
Today 1 USD ৳ 107.004361 BDT
Today 1 BDT $0.00935 USD

GOLD Rate of BD in Gram
Gold Unit Gold Rate
Gram 24K ৳ 6,676.5 BDT
Gram 23K ৳ 6,398.3 BDT
Gram 22K ৳ 6,120.1 BDT
Gram 21K ৳ 5,842.0 BDT
Gram 18K ৳ 5,007.4 BDT
Gram 16K ৳ 4,451.0 BDT
Gram 14K ৳ 3,894.6 BDT
Gram 12K ৳ 3,338.3 BDT
Gram 10K ৳ 2,781.9 BDT
Gram 9K ৳ 2,503.7 BDT
Gram 8K ৳ 2,225.5 BDT
Gram 6K ৳ 1,669.1 BDT

Price of Gold in Bangladesh Per Ounce

Showing GOLD Price of BD in Ounce
Current Price ৳ 207,684 BDT
Today Low Price ৳ 207,493 BDT
Today High Price ৳ 208,262 BDT
Today 1 USD ৳ 107.004361 BDT
Today 1 BDT $0.00935 USD

GOLD Rate of BD in Ounce
Gold Unit Gold Rate
Ounce 24K ৳ 207,668 BDT
Ounce 23K ৳ 199,015 BDT
Ounce 22K ৳ 190,362 BDT
Ounce 21K ৳ 181,709 BDT
Ounce 18K ৳ 155,751 BDT
Ounce 16K ৳ 138,445 BDT
Ounce 14K ৳ 121,139 BDT
Ounce 12K ৳ 103,834 BDT
Ounce 10K ৳ 86,528 BDT
Ounce 9K ৳ 77,875 BDT
Ounce 8K ৳ 69,223 BDT
Ounce 6K ৳ 51,917 BDT

You may have a question in mind, Why does the gold rate in Bangladesh change so frequently?

Let me explain to you that it’s not only in Bangladesh, rather than in countries over the world like India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai and Sri Lanka. Every country has some factor that affects the gold price and it may be positive or negative both ways.

Gold price in Bangladesh

So it’s normal that the gold rate in Bangladesh changes daily as in other countries. Bangladesh is a South Asian country enriched with greenery and waterways.

In Bangladesh majority of people are Muslims. It’s the 3rd largest Muslim country in the world. One thing that makes Bangladesh popular is its export of Garment products. Other countries love to wear their unique and comfortable clothes.

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Here is the list of those top brands:

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What are the factors that affect the gold prices in Bangladesh?

Not a single factor affects the gold rate in Bangladesh, but they work in multiple.
These include:
Consumption and Demand
Political Factors
Impact of Dollar
Interest Rates
Future Demand

What is the population of Bangladesh?

The population of Bangladesh increasing day by day. It is a larger country with a population of 164.7 Million.

What is the Capital of Bangladesh?

Dhaka is the capital and it is the most popular city in Bangladesh. It is a well-industrialized area of the BD Country and plays a vital role in the development of the country. Well-Known universities and colleges can be found there.

What is the national currency of Bangladesh?

Bangladeshi Taka is the national currency and it is gaining power and becoming strong.