Gold Price in Uganda Today

Last updated on June 16th, 2024 provides a real-time gold rate checking facility on signal click. We provide 24, 22, 21, 20, 18, and 14 Carat live gold prices in Uganda per Gram, Tola, and Ounce.

Price of Gold Per Gram in Uganda

Gold price today is shown along with the USD Dollar to Shilling’s current price. Check the desired gold prices in Uganda in 24K, 22K, 20K, 18K, and 14Karats.

Showing GOLD Price of UG in Gram
Ounce 8,645,018.68
Gram 277,937.35
Kilo 277,943,402.06
Tola 3,241,882.00
Baht 4,088,661.58
Grain 18,010.43
Ratti 50,585.89

GOLD Rate of UG in Gram
The Price Right Now 277,937.35
Price on Yesterday 277,937.35
Price Change Today-0.000 (-0%)
Today's High Price 278,427.03
Today's Low Price 274,202.18
Today's Price Fluctuation 4,224.90
Market Volatility Status Very High

1 Tola Gold Price UGX

The below table shows the gold rate in Uganda per tola. Today,s high and low gold price in Uganda is also provided.

Showing GOLD Price of UG in Tola
The Price Right Now 3,241,882.01
Price on Yesterday 3,241,882.05
Price Change Today-0.000 (-0%)
Today's High Price 3,247,593.71
Today's Low Price 3,198,314.67
Today's Price Fluctuation 49,279.00
Market Volatility Status Very High

GOLD Rate of UG in Tola
24K 3,241,882.01
23K 3,106,803.59
22K 2,971,725.17
21K 2,836,646.75
18K 2,431,411.50
14K 1,891,097.84
10K 1,350,784.17
9K 1,215,705.75
8K 1,080,627.34
6K 810,470.50

Uganda Gold Price Per Ounce

Check the latest gold rate in Uganda per ounce in 24K, 22K, 20K, 18K, and 14K quantities. UGX to USD current price can also be seen in this table.

Showing GOLD Price of UG in Ounce
The Price Right Now 8,645,018.68
Price on Yesterday 8,645,018.79
Price Change Today-0.10 (-0%)
Today's High Price 8,660,249.88
Today's Low Price 8,528,839.13
Today's Price Fluctuation 131,410.80
Market Volatility Status Very High

GOLD Rate of UG in Ounce
24K 8,645,018.68
23K 8,284,809.57
22K 7,924,600.46
21K 7,564,391.35
18K 6,483,764.01
14K 5,042,927.56
10K 3,602,091.12
9K 3,241,882.01
8K 2,881,672.89
6K 2,161,254.67

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USD Dollar To Uganda Shilling Price

We at provide the current gold rate in Uganda and today’s USD Dollar to Shilling rate. You can check any time live shilling price to Dollars.

Uganda Gold

Uganda has emerged as a major player in the global gold market due to its significant gold deposits and increased production. The government has worked to formalize the industry, with over 20 registered gold mining companies and a local gold refinery. However, challenges remain, including a lack of infrastructure and illegal mining and smuggling. With continued support and investment, Uganda’s gold industry has the potential to contribute to the country’s economic development.

Gold Dealers/Shops in Uganda

Are you looking for where to sell or buy gold in Uganda? then here we go with some famous gold dealers in Uganda.

Gold Price in Uganda

Here are some best gold dealers in Uganda:

Spot Price Gold

Address: 8H7J+CXX, Kampala, Uganda

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Radha Jewellers

Address: Sheraton Hotel Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 712 708090

Jit Jewellers

Address: Kampala road Opp diamond trust bank, Uganda

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Signature Jewellery

Address: G-13, Universal House, next to mm Plaza, luwum street, Kampala, Uganda

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